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General Description
The MAX8862 low-cost, low-dropout, dual linear voltage regulator is ideal for battery-powered and portable applications. The regulators have independent supply inputs and provide 250mA and 100mA, respectively, with a full-load dropout voltage of 160mV. Both regulators use P-channel MOSFET pass transistors and maintain low quiescent current independent of load current. In dropout, the MOSFET does not suffer from excessive base currents, as do saturated PNP transistors.

♦ Low Cost
♦ Guaranteed 250mA and 100mA Output Currents, with Current Limiting
♦ Dual Mode Operation: Fixed or Adjustable Output from +2V to +11V
♦ +2.5V to +11.5V Input Range
♦ 160mV Dropout Voltage at 200mA Output Current
♦ Low Supply Current—Even in Dropout
   200µA Operating
   <1µA Shutdown
♦ Power-Good Indicator
♦ Reverse-Battery Protection
♦ Thermal Overload Protection

   Cellular Phones
   Cordless Phones
   PCS Phones
   PCMCIA Cards
   Hand-Held Instruments
   Electronic Planners


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