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General Description
The MAX351/MAX352/MAX353 are precision, quad, single-pole single-throw (SPST) analog switches. The MAX351 has four normally closed (NC), and the MAX352 has four normally open (NO) switches. The MAX353 has two NO and two NC switches. All three parts offer low on resistance (less than 35Ω), guaranteed to match within 2Ω between channels and to remain flat over the analog signal range (∆3Ω max). They also offer low leakage (less than 250pA at +25°C and less than 6nA at +85°C) and fast switching (turn-on time less than 175ns and turn-off time less than 145ns).

♦ Low On Resistance < 22Ω Typical (35Ω Max)
♦ Guaranteed Matched On Resistance Between Channels < 2Ω
♦ Guaranteed Flat On Resistance Over Analog Signal Range ∆3Ω Max
♦ Guaranteed Charge Injection < 10pC
♦ Guaranteed Off-Channel Leakage < 6nA at +85°C
♦ ESD Guaranteed > 2000V per Method 3015.7
♦ Single-Supply Operation (+10V to +30V)
  Bipolar-Supply Operation (±4.5V to ±20V)
♦ TTL-/CMOS-Logic Compatibility
♦ Rail-to-Rail Analog Signal Handling Capability

  Sample-and-Hold Circuits
  Military Radios
  Guidance and Control Systems
  Communications Systems
  Heads-Up Displays
  Battery-Operated Systems
  Test Equipment


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