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ADV7625KBCZ-8 Datasheet PDF : ADV7625KBCZ-8 pdf     
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The ADV7625 is a high performance, five-input, dual-output, High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI®) transceiver with crosspoint and splitter capabilities. The ADV7625 supports 3 GHz video and features two independent HDMI receivers, two independent HDMI transmitters, two audio output ports, two audio input ports, and a pixel port input. The ADV7625 supports all HDCP repeater functions through fully tested Analog Devices, Inc., repeater software libraries and drivers.

   5-input, 2-output crosspoint HDMI transceiver
   HDMI support
      3 GHz video support (up to 4k × 2k)
      Audio return channel (ARC)
      3D TV support
      Content type bits
      CEC 1.4-compatible
      Extended colorimetry
   Character- and icon-based on-screen display (OSD)
      3D OSD overlay on all mandatory 3D formats
      Support for OSD overlay on 3 GHz video formats
   High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP 1.4)
   HDCP repeater support: up to 127 KSVs supported
   300 MHz maximum TMDS clock frequency (up to 4k × 2k)
   48-/36-/30-bit Deep Color input modes supported
   Ultralow jitter digital PLL (100% deskew)
   TTL pixel port input
      Allows digital video input to facilitate analog video support
      Interlaced-to-progressive converter
   2 independent HDMI receivers for 5 input ports
      3 GHz support on all inputs
      Adaptive equalizer for cable lengths up to 30 meters
      Flexible internal EDID RAM supports dual EDIDs
      Replication of either dual EDID on any input port
      5 V detect inputs
      Hot Plug assert control outputs
   2 independent HDMI transmitters
      3 GHz support on all outputs
      EDID data extraction
      Hot Plug detect (HPD) inputs
      Audio return channel (ARC) receiver per transmitter
      3 GHz color space converter (CSC) per transmitter
      HDMI-compatible audio interface
      2 independent 8-channel audio extraction ports
      2 independent 8-channel audio insertion ports
      S/PDIF (IEC 60958-compatible) digital audio input/output
      Super Audio CD® (SACD) with DSD input/output interface
      High bit rate (HBR) audio
      Dolby® TrueHD
      DTS-HD Master Audio™
      Full audio input and output support
      Interrupt controller
      Standard identification (STDI) circuit
      Software libraries, driver, and application available

   Soundbar with HDMI repeater support
   Matrix switch
   Other repeater applications


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